Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where in the World was Jinx.

Jinx as you all know, is my adventure seeking little fluffy cat. She  is her own girl, loves most people and other animals, even the dog. She will nose touch even Mr. Pees a lot, aka Jekyll. But the call of the wild is strong in this one, so much so that an open door is an invite to escape into the unknown. Does not matter that food or water is available to her or not, off she will go. Like there is a voice in her head that says the grass is always greener on the other side. Hmm, what the fluffy one doesn't know is she really doesn't have wild cat instincts in her and that the outside is fraught with so may dangers. Just the strong hold the outside has on her banishes all of the smart cat reasoning in her head. So on Jinx's last adventure she was outside for 24 hours. I had the feeling she was stuck under the neighbors house. Because the neighbor has a small yippy dog, this kept Jinx under the house no matter what anyone did to coax her out. We left food and water close to the spot we knew she had gotten in. I checked often before I had to turn in for the night, just hoping she would manage to sneak out, but I am sure she was scared witless, as the yippy dog barks at the slightest noise. The next day, 24 hours later I spoke to my Grandson and ask that he go and sit outside for awhile to coax Jinx out, he agreed, and about a half hour of him sitting outside, away from his video game, she came out from under the house, in what he describes as very fluffed out agitated cat. So much for your grand adventure Jinx. I would like to say I told you so, but because your a cat, and have your ideas as to what is right and wrong, you will not listen. But maybe just maybe this last adventure will stick and the fear you felt will remain in your head. Happy Momma Cat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This if everyone remembers is my Big Guy Jekyll. He is a big oh softy, unless he is having a moment, which we all have. Jekyll has what is called a fatty tumor on his side, and will be undergoing surgery for it on August 19th. Now I am a bit concerned about this, okay big time concerned, but I have faith that everything will be okay. So if everyone could say a little prayer for the Big Guy he would appreciate that, so would Momma Cat. Hugs from Catdom.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why don't Cats and Dogs live as long as humans.

The biggest share of this blog are taken from, the author is Dr. Debra. Of course as always I do interject my own comments. I know one of the biggest concerns of mine concerning the Catdom, is the mortality of the clowder.( Remember this is a group of cats) I often wonder how I will take the death of one of my furry babies. I really don't care to know, but must face facts. Anyway on to the article. To answer this, consider that everything about a dog or cats life, from their growth to ability to learn is accelerated. Tooth development is a great example of this. Puppies and kittens are born with no teeth, begin to acquire their baby teeth in as little as 3 weeks, and have all their baby teeth by 45 days. Puppies and kittens have their adult teeth by the time they are 6 months old. Another way that growth is accelerated is in the reproductive process. This requires a great deal of energy to be expended by our pets. Dogs and Cats can be reproductively active as young as 6 months old.(I recommend spaying or neutering your furry baby as so as your vet gives the go ahead) Dogs and Cats deliver their young in 60 to 65 days. Imagine the energy that this takes. They often produce litters of a few to a dozen offspring. I'm exhausted just thinking about that. All of this expedited growth means that the bodies of Dogs and Cats do an immense amount of work that can hasten the aging process. In addition the metabolism of Dogs and Cats is much higher than humans, who burn calories at about half the rate of most common animals companions. With all of this acceleration, the senior years start early. For Cats, it may be as early as age 8; for Dogs the senior age frequently starts at 4 or 5 years of age. For large breed Dogs or giant breed dogs especially. Smaller Dogs this can start at age 8 or more years old. This still doesn't answer the question of why the life spans of Dogs and Cats are so much shorter. As it turns out, when all was said and done (with the research) it was learned that no one really knows why it happen. So even though the few things mentioned in the article are related to the lifespan of our furry ones does impact their lives, we need to do all we can to safeguard their lives. I feel it is important that they get balance nutrition, plenty of fresh water, exercise, and lots of love and attention. Why else did you get your furry baby but to care and love them, and to have the most awesome companion. Happy Cats.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Where in the world is Jinx.

Jinx is an escape artist. She thinks that outside is better than inside. I'm not so sure about that. When Jinx makes her escape she always ends up in the same place. So much for leaving home. I called home on my way back from visiting and ask that the AC be turned on. It was pretty warm outside, and I just wanted to be able to relax when I got home, plus when it's so hot who the heck can sleep. This is especially true when five cats reside in your house, and of course they all think that the bed is the place to be. Who cares if Momma Cat is hot. Jinx was missing. I wasn't real upset as I knew where she would be. So even though we covered this before, the story isn't over. Jinx decided it was time to escape again. Yes I was gone again. This time I was at work, but she had gotten out first thing in the morning, and the Bearded One wasn't having any more of this mess. So Jinx is gone again. I asked my Grandson to look for her and when I got home, I would do the same. This time, I couldn't even get the fluffy escape artist to come home. I was sad, so sad. My poor little fluffy kitten was gone, and this time I feared the worst. That night all of the cats were acting strange, one of there own was missing. They were sad. Jinx hadn't came home.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Those of us here in the Catdom would like to say "Happy Father's Day" to all of the fathers in the world. Sometimes Dad's don't get the recognition that they deserve. Well we would like to say we appreciate Dads. My Dad has been gone for a long time over 20 years, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. It may just be a fleeting moment or a memory of something from my childhood. So always remember to call your Dad, just to say nothing but, I Love you. Happy Father's Day Dad, I know you watch over me. Happy Cats and grateful daughter.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jinx, the escapee. Or I spent the Night away.

At my house never assume anything, and I mean anything. Jinx likes the outside, and will try anything to get there. So last weekend I call home when I am on my way from the beautiful north. It was hot and sticky, I figured by the time I got home all I would want was a nice shower, and to be cool. So as I call, my family is like we didn't know we could turn on the air. Duh! And then I get the news. Ah Mom, Jinx got out sometime last night, not sure when, and so did Jezz, but we found her. We looked for Jinx, and just can't find her. So as I am driving, I think great just great. But I remain calm. I tell them that she is under the neighbors house. I am then informed that it had been raining quite a bit at home, and everything was soaked, especially under the neighbors deck. Okay she's still under the house I say, go out bend over and call kitty, kitty. When I get home I go and start calling for her. Nothing. I still know she is under the house. Cat Mom knows. I check again in about 30 minutes after I shower, still nothing, so I just let it be. She has to be hungry, and wet. She will come home. After awhile I think, dumb cat, I'm going to bed soon, and I need her to come home. Once again out the door over to the neighbors, calling here Jinx, come on kitty, kitty. Then I hear her crazed meow, I'm here come get me. She had decided to finally come from under the house. Now if you can imagine a wet muddy long haired cat, well that's what I had before me. So I scoop her up and proceed to the house, thinking I'm going to have to give this cat a bath. Not even a favorite thing to do. I'd rather walk through fire. I get her inside rub some mud off her, put her down, and off she goes to the food and water. Dumb cat. Hope your big adventure was worth it. Happy cat. After thought, my poor family was beside themselves, cause they lost Jinx, all I was thinking, hmm now you know how your Mom feels when I can't find you either. Serves you all right. Parent Logic.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good Morning.

What a fine day it is. Yes it's a bit foggy, but so what. Thought I would tell you a story about Jeykll. Now we all remember that Jeykll is a large black cat. His nickname is Mr. Pees A lot, sorry buddy. Well for some reason a few months ago he started to sleep on the pillow next to me a night. Heck if I know why. He would wait until I was all settled for the night and just before I turned off the light he would sit on the floor and meow, so I would tell him okay come on up. He would jump on the bed walk over the top of me, nearly crushing me, not really but it felt like it. He would then arrange the pillow with his paws and lay down with his head on the pillow. Just like a tiny human. I have never figured out this behavior, but it is one of the things he does. I am always amazed by the things the cats will do, fix blankets to their liking, sleep in odd positions, chase things only they can see. Sleep on my keyboard while I am typing, Jinx. Race around the house, irate each other. Attack my feet when I make the bed, because someone is always under the bed waiting for a victim. Drop furry mice on the bed, and somehow always find them under the covers. How do they do that anyway. Made bed, mouse under covers. Magic I guess. Well that's all for today. Enjoy your day. Hugs from the Catdom. Happy Cat.