Monday, October 21, 2013

Nurturing Cats

Cats are natural born comfort givers. I was talking to a dear friend today, who had a doctor appointment that required a procedure. After the procedure she goes home and naps. Her little princess jumped up on the couch and stayed close by as she napped. She then asked me if I thought that cats know something is amiss. I believe that yes they do. When I was close to having my second child we had a cat who would barely leave my side on the day I was due. Cats are a funny sort though, some cats only want attention on their terms, and others just cannot be away from you to long. My oldest cat Jezzebel will completely ignore me if I go away to visit relatives for the night. When I return I get the cold shoulder. The rest of them could care less as long as someone feeds and water them. So cats are a mystery to me sometimes. I have five very diverse cats all with very funny personalities. Sometimes annoying, most times endearing, and crazy. Enjoy your furry babies.